5 Destinations For A Luxurious Digital Detox

Your Curator - Travel Planning Services | A round up of 5 luxury destinations for a digital detox. Including South Tyrol, Holbox, Kruger National Park, Cappadocia and Yao Noi. If your planning a digital detox holiday you need to read this!

Sometimes we just need a break away from all the technology in our lives. I dread to think how many hours I spend glued to my phone. There has been a big trend towards Digital detox holidays which comes as no surprise. But, if you’re going to detach yourself from your gadgets you should definitely be enjoying a bit of luxury whilst you do it.

For your next holiday, have you thought about switching everything off and going to a beautiful remote destination and truly taking some time to switch off?

I’ve curated 5 incredible destinations for you for a luxurious digital detox. From all corners of the globe, you will definitely fall in love with at least one of my recommendations!

South Tyrol, Italy

Your Curator - Travel Planning Services | Top 5 destinations for a luxurious digital detox. Including this chic spa hotel in South Tyrol. This is San Luis Hotel. What a stunning swimming pool!

South Tyrol is an alpine wonderland in the northeast of Italy boardering both Switzerland and Austria. The mountainous views are breathtaking and the lakes and forests serene. It’s a perfect place to embark on a digital detox.

Visit in the summer months to see the lush grasses, deep valleys and lakes. Perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking where you can really connect with the nature around you, the views at the top definitely make it worth it! Or maybe you prefer to switch off at the spa. There are some incredible spa hotels in South Tyrol, my favourite being San Luis. Completely surrounded by nature and perched on a lake, you will truly switch off from the outside world and slip into pure relaxation.

Where to stay: San Luis Hotel, a chic hotel with an incredible spa
When to go: July & August
Who: For those who love an outdoor adventure, luxury spas and stunning mountain scenery

Holbox, Mexico

Your Curator - Travel Planning Services | Top destinations for a luxury digital detox for your next holiday. Holbox is a beautiful paradise island off Mexico near Cancun and Tulum. Full of boutique hotels and no cars on the island!

Holbox seems like an unspoilt paradise island. For now. Speak about Holbox to your friends and it’s unlikely they will have heard of this tiny Mexican island is just a few hours from Cancun and Tulum. But because it takes both car and boat to get there, the masses haven’t found it yet.

There are no cars on Holbox. You get around the island on golf buggys or  bicycles on the dusty roads. The beaches are long and sandy, the boutique hotels are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen and the town has a selection of great food and bars for those sunset cocktails. The main hub is full of colourful Mexican charm.

The wifi is poor, and there are just 3 ATMs on the island, and they often run out of cash. The pace is slow and the cocktails strong. Holbox has Ibiza and Bali vibes, before they exploded with tourists. Sipping on a coconut whilst watching the sun set swinging in a hammock above the water is one of the most special memories I have.

Where to stay: Casa Torgugas or Casa Sandra
When to go: March & April
Who: Ideal for couples, those who love paradise beaches and sunset cocktails

Cappadocia, Turkey

Your Curator - Travel Planning Services | The view from Ariana Sustainable luxury lodge hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Cappadocia is fairy tale like with its peachy hues and skies filled with colourful hot air balloons at dawn. You need to see the valleys, chimney formations and villages carved into stone with your own eyes to realise that actually, this is no fairy tale, but one of the worlds wonders.

It’s like stepping into another world with its stunning lunarscape panoramas. There are plenty of activities to keep your mind off any worries you may have: a hot air balloon ride is a must, but you can explore and switch off with great hiking routes and horse riding.

Stay at Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge with sun terraces for yoga and massages and a restaurant serving homegrown food. Cappadocia’s calming landscape and its slow pace make it the perfect place to unplug. These are views you will never forget.

Where to stay: Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge
When to go: May & September
Who: For those want to experience other-worldly places

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Your Curator - Travel Planning Service | Top destinations for a luxury digital detox. Including this incredible treehouse at Lion Sands Game Reserve. Here you can go on Safari in South Africa's famous Kruger National Park.

Kruger National Park lies in the northeastern part of South Africa and is one of Africa’s largest game reserves. Within this incredible landscape or mountains, plains and forests you can hope to see the Big 5 (lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants and buffalos) as well as numerous other mammals and bird species.

Lion Sands is a private game reserve within the Sabi Sand Reserve, and in a private concession within the Kruger National Park, so safaris are not confined to main roads. With a limited number of vehicles on each property, and strict criteria governing sightings, guests are able to spend extended periods of time watching wildlife in its natural habitat.

The reserve has four lodges, each with a private pool, spa and completely chic interiors and fit in with the surroundings beautifully. This is one stylish and luxurious way to do safari. But one night you must sleep under the stars in one of the tree houses. There are few places in the world you can hear lions roaring whilst you watch the twinkling sky with a loved one.

Where to stay: Lion Sands Game Reserve
When to go: July & August
Who: For those who want a trip of a lifetime,  ideal for a special occasion like honeymoon or anniversary

Yao Noi , Thailand

Your Curator - Travel Planning Services | Top destinations for a digital detox holiday. Including the remote Six Sense Hotel on Yao Noi. This 5 star luxury hotel is the perfect place to unplug.

It’s hard to find a Thai island that still feels like an unspoilt paradise. But, if you’re willing to travel just a little bit further you can find some gems. Yao Noi is one of those gems.

Yao Noi lies in the ever-so-blue waters of Phang Nga Bay which lies between heaving Phuket and mainland Krabi. The string of limestone cliffs and small lush islands are much more tranquil than their neighbours. This quiet island will surely sooth your soul.

Six Senses hotels are among some of the most luxurious in the world and their hotel here in Yao Noi is the sustainability leader of the brand. as you come to expect with a Six Senses hotel the food is made with the best ingredients, many of which are organic and the spa is utter bliss. And don’t forget that each villa has a 24 hour personal butler. Take a good book and lay back by your private pool and take a deep breathe and enjoy!

Where to stay: Six Senses Yao Noi
When to go: January & February
Who: For those going solo, lovers of diving and water sports

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