Paradise found? Koh Lanta, Thailand Is A Big Contender!

Island guide to Koh Lanta, Thailand. The swimming pool at the Layana Resort and Spa. Luxury Travel Planning
Paradise found? Why Koh Lanta, Thailand should be on your luxury getaway list.

You may not have heard of the Thai island, Koh Lanta. But you will have definitely heard of its sister islands on the west coast of Thailand – Phi Phi and Phuket. Koh Lanta is nothing like it’s hedonistic neighbours; it is a tranquil, luscious island further south, just across from Krabi on the mainland.

The UKs winter months are the perfect time to visit the islands to the West of Thailand. So whether you decide to spend 2 weeks on the beach or tag it onto the end of a longer trip, Koh Lanta promises to get you into full-on relaxation mode.

And the reason it’s not quite as discovered as its neighbours? It’s as simple as it just takes a bit longer to get here. Which I am so very happy about!

Because of the slower pace on Koh Lanta it attracts more of the over 30 crowd and there are lots of families as the beaches are perfect for children: the beaches are long and the waters clear and shallow. This is definitely a place where you come to switch off and forget about your worries.

Island Guide to Koh Lanta, Thailand. The Layana Resort and Spa. Luxury Travel Planning.

Where to stay on Koh Lanta

There are 2 top hotels in my opinion. The Layana and The Pimalai. Both on different parts of the island.

The Layana Resort is an adults only hotel and really is something special.Having personally stayed there I can vouch for it’s 5* luxury and wonderful staff. It lies about half way down the island with a number of restaurants and bars within walking distance along the beach.

The Pimalai feels a little more tropical with villas built into the lush forests. The hotel is right at the south of island so it definitely feels a bit more remote and secluded.

Both offer the full 5* luxury treatment, including the option to arrange a speed boat from the mainland to cut your travel time down and so you can arrive in style.

Island guide to Koh Lanta, Thailand. Luxury Travel Planning.

Things to do on Koh Lanta

Rent a scooter

The first thing you should do once you arrive on Koh Lanta after a quick dip in the sea is hire a scooter! I think this is one of the top things to do on Koh Lanta. You can easily explore the island in a day, but its also a great way to get around the island if you feel like eating and drinking your way around Koh Lanta.

Beach hop

If you’re on Koh Lanta, the likelihood is that you came for the stunning beaches. The beaches are long and wide with soft white sand. Long Beach is probably the best on the island. But the other beaches are just as good though some a little rocky in places. But go and explore and find your favourite!


You can kayak through the mangrove forests between the two Lanta islands (Noi and Yai). It’s home to all sorts of wonderful wildlife, and you can quietly observe it all. Or kayak to the limestone caves at Koh Talabeng.

Diving and snorkelling

The diving here is amazing. There is incredible visibility, coral outcrops and so much marine life. Only an hour and a half from Koh Lanta is Ko Haa. This collapsed volcanic island has over 10 different dive sites, where you can see turtles, octopus and barracuda to name a few.

Hin Daeng is a little further out at about 2 hours, but it’s likely you’ll spot manta ray and if you’re lucky a whale shark.

There is also the popular 4 island tour you will see offered everywhere. This day trip takes you to Koh Muk, Ngai, Kradan, Cheuak and Waen where you will get to explore stunning beaches and snorkelling spots.


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