Host a virtual hen party and make it unforgettable!

How to host a virtual hen party - tips and ideas

If you were planning to host a hen party in 2020 you may have to rethink your plans. But instead of cancelling, have you thought about hosting a virtual hen do instead?

Whilst we’re all practising social distancing to stop the spread of Covid-19, the only option to get together with your bridesmaids and hens is to host a virtual lockdown hen party via video call.

Whether you are the bride looking to bring your best friends together virtually, or whether you’re planning a virtual hen do for the bride-to-be, you can still make the experience unforgettable! I’m sharing all the tips you need to plan a virtual hen do during lockdown to make sure you all have the best time possible.

Want to turn it up a notch? I can plan the whole thing from start to finish including sending out invites, organising and sending hen party packs for each hen and arranging an extra special treasure trove to be sent to the bride-to-be. You can definitely keep the luxury and ensure every small detail is thought of even if your hen party turns virtual!

Planning a virtual hen party - tips and ideas

How to host and plan a virtual hen party

Pick a platform, theme, date and time and create your invitation

The easiest way to get everyone together is to host it on the day the hen party was already planned on. Pick your preferred platform to host the virtual party – personally I think Zoom and Hangouts work best for group calls as they are very easy to host on your laptop and allow bigger numbers. Then decide if there will be a theme to the event. You could carry over a theme from the original plan or create something completely new.

Once you have these decided you can create an invite to email to your hens.

Tip: Canva is a great platform to use to create beautiful invites that will stand out.

Pick activities for your virtual hen party

There are so many different activities you can choose from. Being in lockdown has caused an explosion of different activities being offered to enhance virtual parties.

What is your brides favourite hobby?

You could pick a cocktail to all make to kick things off and then the whole group has drinks to keep them going through the games or host a virtual wine tasting with a sommelier.

Perhaps the bride-to-be loves to be creative? There are lots of great workshops and kits you can order online or arrange for someone to lead, like candle making, flower crowns or pottery.

If your bride-to-be loves to move, organise a group fitness session followed by yoga. Get healthy food and smoothies delivered to your hens to enjoy together.

How to plan a virtual hen do - Virtual hen party cocktails

Plan your food and drink

I think its really important to plan what you will all do for food and drink during your virtual hen do. It will make the whole event feel more special.

To make things feel more in unison, arrange pre-made cocktails to be sent to all the hens. There are some really great options in the UK, and all you’ll need to do is add ice!

If you all live within the same area, hire a chef to cook and get it delivered to your doors. When you’re about to sit down to enjoy together have the chef talk you all through the menu. Why not get a DJ to do a live set after so you can dance the night away! Make it feel like your perfect night out!

Accessorise your night

Make sure to add touches to the hen party that make it feel like you’re all together. And a great way to do this is to all be wearing something the same or similar. Whether thats a colour theme or costume, or just all wearing your best dresses and heels. Make it feel like a special event!

Arrange special decorations to be sent to the bride-to-be alongside decorations for the rest of the hens so you feel like you’re all together in the same place.


Do you know exactly the type of virtual hen party you want to throw but need help planning and executing it? Or perhaps you need help from start to finish? Get in touch to find how how I can help plan an unforgettable virtual hen party!

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