5 Reasons to hire a virtual assistant

reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant
The year is 2021 and almost the whole of the UK is working remotely during lockdown. Even with the hours you’ve claimed back from your daily commute or lack of social commitments you’re still struggling to find enough hours in the day!

Does this sound like you?

There are many reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant, we are great at helping you with numerous things, not just admin. Here are the top 5 reasons I think you should think about hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Claim back your precious time

Give yourself more time and more headspace to focus on your real priorities. A Virtual Assistant can keep you focused and aligned to what needs to be done to achieve your goals. A VA isn’t just for business help, I can also help with personal admin and projects. Finally start that project you’ve been putting off!

Delegate dreaded admin

Admin is something most dread, whether that’s keeping on top of your inbox or calendar or dealing with household bills and projects. Numerous phone calls, emails, documents. It’s never simple and it’s very time consuming. Feel confident in delegating administrative tasks to me so you can get on with more important things.

Pay only for what you use

One of the best things about hiring a Virtual Assistant is there is no sick pay, no holiday pay and no HR costs! You really are getting a bang for your buck. By working with me you pay only for the hours worked with no need to “buy a bundle” of hours upfront.

Create order and process to your daily life

Order and process creates productivity. It can be very difficult to grow your business or finish that project if there’s only you taking care of everything. I can add more hours to your day. As a VA I can take care of tasks that don’t need to be completed by you which frees up your time for the tasks only you can do like sales calls or networking.

A VA is already an expert at remote working

I have been working remotely for many years, long before Covid. I know how to implement successful processes and operations remotely as well as the best tools and apps to optimise remote working.

There are numerous tasks I can help with as an experienced London based VA. How many hours a week do you think you would get back by outsourcing to me? And then think of all the things you could do with those extra hours.

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Claim back your precious time!

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