If you’re here I’m sure that you love to travel – going on holidays of a lifetime as well as stealing weekends away as much as you can. You love to experience new things and create lifelong memories as you go. What you don’t like is spending hours researching where and how to do that!

We all lead busy lives these days and so holidays away from our daily stresses become even more precious. But planning, coordinating and booking your next big adventure or zen retreat can take a lot of time. Everyone holds different strengths – mine is travel planning and I love it, especially complex travel itineraries.

Luxury bespoke travel planning services. Machu Picchu

Luxury Travel Planning

Luxury travel does not mean the most expensive option. It’s in the details and service. That’s why I don’t just suggest destinations, hotels or tours that top the ‘luxury travel’ lists that you will have seen many times over.

My knowledge enables me to suggest unusual and interesting ideas for your next holiday. I can give you extra advice, highlight the little details and touches that help make memories to treasure forever. Let me take the hard work out of what should be a fun experience!

What inspires you?

Tell me and I’ll create a luxury tailor-made, bespoke trip just for you.

Once you brief me with what kind of trip you are looking for I will provide a selection of holidays to match your travel style, budget and travel dates. Let me curate the perfect trip for you.

What’s the first step? I’ll ask you a lot of questions! What you like, what you don’t like, your travel style, what excites you. And then? Then I listen to all your answers so I can get to know you. I will find the perfect destination for you and so the journey begins!

To get started just fill out this contact form and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

Claim back your precious time!

Planning events or travel itineraries for your next holiday can be overwhelming with all the information that's out there. Your Curator takes away the hard work by selecting, organising and presenting the best tailored options for you.